Saturday, October 20, 2012


So the kid said that he wanted to be R2D2 for Halloween.  No problem, I promised. We can make that happen.

I like a challenge. Actually, in this case, I liked accepting the challenge and then passing off much of it to my husband on his days off! Ha! Well he came through, and figured out the concept of the upside-down garbage can and set to work creating the greatest Halloween costume ever to be worn by a 5 year old.

We spray-painted, papier-mâchéd, duct-taped, glued, and cut cardboard for hours and this is the result!

I'll get more pictures on Halloween night of course, with the kiddo actually wearing the costume. In this one he's just crouching down inside and peeking out the candy-door ; ) But if anyone is still looking for a costume idea for a Star Wars's an idea for you! I have one excited 5-year old!
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Margaritas and Maltesers

So, it's my Birthday week. Yeah, I'm one of those annoying people that tells people...and then enjoys making plans that stretch out over the course of a week. Whatev, life's too short not to celebrate ; )
So anyway, last Saturday I went to a super cool mexican restaurant for some food and margaritas. It was a fab time, and topped off by the amazing cake that my sister made.

She got the idea off Pinterest - but switched up the topping for Maltesers - my favourite!

Check out this beauty...just had to share.
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rockin' It

So, with Halloween just around the corner, and my resolve to not leave the costume plan to the last minute this year, my little guy told me yesterday what he wants to dress up as for the big night.
We decided we're going to hand-craft his costume - and we scoped out some instructables on Pinterest. He promises he's going to help, and the hubs can help too - but that's going to be a whole other post ; )

Anyway, with all those 'party' stores already sending out Halloween flyers advertising their massively age-inappropriate costumes for little girls, it made me chuckle when I came across this oooold photo today.

It's me and my sister, probably aged about 6 and 4. I honestly don't remember if it is Halloween or if we were just hanging out, rulin' the hood in our Cowgirl and Supergirl combo. Either way, I think we were rocking it. ; ) Just sayin'.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Planting Seeds

Just a quick story: Landing back in Canada from my recent trip to Scotland, the flight attendant was waiting to open the door and making conversation with a little girl. "Would you like to travel around the world, like us?"' she said, "Maybe you could be a flight attendant?" 

The little girl nodded, yes! I leaned in, and just planted a different little seed. "Maybe you could be a pilot and sit up front and FLY all over the world?", I said. There was a bigger nod, and a bigger yes! You never know, but at least now she has a choice.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Merida the Brave.... (and glamorous)

My little guy had saved up enough money to buy himself a new Star Wars figure and as they happened to be on sale at Toys R Us this week, we took a quick trip there this evening. From our vantage point on the Planet Alderaan, (Star Wars central) we looked out into a galaxy far, far away, across the aisle, to the shimmery glare of the Planet Holy-Hell-Everything-Is-Pink-and-Shiny. I never know whether to laugh or cry at Toys R Us, at the almost-comical gendered separation of the toys. Today, my internal cursing at the Toys R Us marketing team was interrupted by my 5-year old son asking 'Why do they have earrings with Merida on them, mummy?" Why indeed my smart young man, why indeed. So we left the Planet Alderaan, with a Stormtrooper in hand, to take a closer look at the odd assortment of Brave merchandise, luring us over to the Planet Pink 'n Shiny.

The display of Brave merchandise was quite strange - you would have no way of knowing what the movie is really about by looking at any of the packages. This package for example - the one the kid was referring to - was just weird. It's a package of glow-in the-dark earrings, a tiara and a necklace I think, so your kid can 'look like Merida'. Um, I think not. I'm not saying you need to buy a giant black horse for your kid to play dress-up, but the jewellery set is totally missing the point. Did she actually even wear earrings, ever? At any point in the movie? My kid doesn't think so...and if she did, they probably didn't glow-in-the-dark. Just sayin'.

(Random photo observation: The Merida behind the package on the left is totally freaking me out.)

If you haven't seen the movie Brave, and your total knowledge of the film is that it's just another Disney Pixar movie featuring a Princess protagonist, then you'll be well forgiven for presuming that there's nothing wrong with this toy - or others like them - you might be thinking it's just the same old princess story but with different hair. But that's where you'd be wrong. You see the whole point is that Merida isn't like all the other princesses. She's feisty, and independent, and active and physical. She rips her dresses, gets muddy and dirty, spends no time in front of a mirror, had no love interest, doesn't need or want rescuing, and is a kick-ass horseback archer. That's what we love about her. She's fierce but vulnerable, defiant but lovable and fearless but tender - and all the million things and contradictions that 'girly' can be. But she's certainly not the same old princess. So why Disney would recycle all these products from princesses-gone-by and market these stupid same-old products is beyond me. It's a cop-out and my 5 year old called them out on it tonight. As my little critic pointed out - if you want to dress up like Merida- forget the earrings -get a bow and arrow. 

Trunks....for women! Say What!?

Okay, I just came across the most wonderful invention, and I have to share it with y'all. Swimming trunks for women. Yeah, you read that right. And if you're thinking the same thing asI thought when I saw them...I don't know why we didn't think of that either! The woman that came up with these is a genius!

Check them out at

The website says that they're designed with real women in mind, they come in sizes 4 to 24 and they're all about feeling comfortable, being active and looking stylish. Really? Isn't that what swimsuit shopping should be all about? Comfort, functionality and a dash of flair. Yes.

What do you think? Would you wear them? I reaaallly like these. I'm thinking a pair of these are going on a wish-list : )

Monday, July 16, 2012

I Love Wordle!

So, the kid finishes at daycare in just a couple of weeks, before starting big school in September. You might remember I put together a box of sunshine for one of his teachers, who was leaving early...well, I wanted to give the admin staff a little something to remember us by as well.

I had a moment of inspiration a couple of days ago and thought that I would put together a Wordle word cloud for them and frame it, so they can put it up in their office, or a hallway or wherever! I LOVE how it turned out! I used all the words that describe their care, the teachers, the activities...and I think it looks awesome! What do you think?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We've Gone Bananas!

This is one of those posts that has absolutely nothing to do with the usual women and girl stuff. If you're here for that - awesome - but maybe you're looking for a different post ; ) If however you like healthy, delicious, one-ingredient soft-serve ice-cream, then wait a minute! Read on. This is the post for you! And yes, you read that right. Healthy and ice-cream in the same sentence! Woo hoo!

I originally found this idea on Pinterest - um, of course - but it's one of those things that frankly, look too good to be true. So I tried it for myself and oh, sweet goodness, it worked. So, making home-made ice-cream was on my Summer Bucket List, and this totally counts.

Here's the tutorial for you....soft-serve banana ice-cream...go do it! It's too easy not to. And so delish!

1 - Grab a couple of over-ripe bananas. You know the ones I mean.
2 - Peel them and slice them, placing the slices on a baking sheet. 
3 - Freeze the slices. Overnight works. If you can't wait, a couple of hours should do it.
4. Put the slices in a blender and blend.
5. Be patient. Keep scraping down the sides. It will look gross, and like it's not going to work.
6. Be patient I told you. Keep blending. A few more seconds.
7. Voilà! Soft-serve 'ice-cream'. One ingredient. A fruit serving. Happy times.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keep It Real

The 3-day Keep It Real Challenge, is an on-line campaign that started yesterday, June 27th, and continues today and tomorrow June 29th, designed by Miss. (and others) to confront and challenge the magazines that continue to perpetuate an unattainable and unhealthy standard of beauty through their use of photoshopped images. 

Here's my personal take on the whole thing - and it's pretty simple. Magazines need to step up and stop selling us a lie. It's a blatant and offensive lie that negatively affects how many girls and women feel about their hair, bodies, skin, face, lips, and make-up.

It's a big lie, and every month, with every issue, we keep buying into it.  Into the big photoshopped lie, selling us clothes, make-up and a lifestyle that doesn't exist. The world inside the pages of the magazines is photoshopped, airbrushed and digitally altered to create an illusion. It's not reality. It's fake. The bodies we see, the skin, hair, eyes, make-up...they are all photoshopped and airbrushed to create an image that can never be real. It's a lie that perpetuates a ridiculous thin ideal, and a narrow definition of beauty that fails to celebrate and recognize all of our wonderful differences and 'flaws'. Why do they want us to look like we don't move? Like we don't have pores? Like we just stepped out of a salon? Like porcelain dolls? Like mannequins? Why don't they just use mannequins? 

Why do they think that's what we want to see? Or what we want to look like? 

Why isn't real beauty enough? More than enough? Why aren't pores and laughter lines beautiful? Why aren't stretch marks celebrated? Why aren't we enough? Why do we need to be digitally altered to sell products? 

The thing is, we are enough, and we need to tell the magazines that we are. That women don't need to be photoshopped to oblivion for us to find each other beautiful, inspiring, enough. Let's keep it real. Let's take back the reality of our beauty. Stop the photoshopping...stop the lie...and just start being real. The lines between what's fake and real are getting blurrier, and it just has to stop. Let's demand that magazines stop photoshopping women's real beauty out of existence. We're not mannequins. We're women.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Mauve Dino Tees are here...

Well they were here! They arrived and then they flew off the shelves! 

I can't believe the positive reaction I've had so far! Thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging! 

I do still have lots of white ones left, but only a few black ones left right now. And of course, now I'm going on a vacation that we've had planned for a while, so my next order won't go in for a week or so. 
But it's all my husband says, they're not airplane parts...there's no mad rush, and hopefully people will still want the t-shirts in a week or so! 

Here are few pics of some wonderfully beautiful and smart women and girls wearing the tees! How awesome are they?

Go ahead and pin them if you like : ) Share the link! Spread the message! 
Contact me at the Mauve Dinosaur Facebook page to order, or to ask about sizing and shipping, or check out the E-Bay listing for up-to-date size availability and shipping costs. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Sunshiney Gift : )

The kid starts big school in September, so he's finishing up at the nursery school he's been at since he was 18 months old. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the teachers there, and it's going to be super emotional to say goodbye.  Anyway, when I was thinking about gifts for his two current teachers, I was totally inspired by The Box of Sunshine idea over at Happy Money Saver, which has been pinned about a gazillion times on Pinterest. So, I made a list and went shopping for supplies. 

I got a cheap basket, and raided the Bulk Barn for yellow candy, bought some nice hand soap, some iced tea, gum, and chocolates and got to work. I cut out some suns, just like the Happy Money Saver suggested, ribboned it all up, made a label and I l have say, I love it! His teachers really do just light up the world for the kids there. I hope they like these little gifts! : )

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Reality Check

Since starting this blog, I have come across so many amazing groups and organizations working hard to inspire women, change conversations and spark change.

People like Beauty Redefined, Adios Barbie, Fit vs. Fiction, About-Face, and Operation Beautiful.

Even though I try really hard to surround myself with positive people and messages – I still hear so many examples every day that remind me why we need all these groups – and all the others like them - to keep doing what they’re doing. I hear ‘fat-talk’ everywhere – people battling their food demons, talking horribly about themselves, avoiding their reflections, not participating fully in activities; taking up as little space as possible. I don't like it, and I will keep trying to change it.

The thing is, and the reason why we have to keep going, is that lots (and lots) of women (and increasingly younger girls) have internalized the unrealistic beauty expectations of our culture so much; a culture that values both thinness and youth above all, that they find themselves in a daily battle with their physical selves.

It’s an unhealthy obsession with our shape, size and weight that is fed a toxic diet of of insta-celebrities, models, and actresses projecting images of airbrushed ‘perfection’ everywhere we look. It develops from the constant feed of beauty product ads convincing us we need ‘improvement’; and that we’re just not good enough. Everything is too big…our ankles, thighs, stomachs, butts, arms, backs. But, wait, you’re too small too, not ‘womanly’ enough; small breasts, thin lips, narrow eyes, boyish hips. You’re hairy, everywhere. That needs to go. And if you don’t want to get it ripped off your body with hot wax, then be sure to bleach the hell out of it. And the hair that does get to stay is too straight, curly, frizzy, flat, dry, and of course, grey. Ick, we can’t have that, you might look older than 30. And of course, that’s not attractive (or so we're told).

Don’t forget your skin – and I’m not just talking about your face. Your elbows, knees, heck, even the soles of your feet need work. It’s too dry, no wait, too oily. There are blemishes and sunspots and worst of all, wrinkles – even if you can’t see them. You need to prevent them. Again, you don’t want to look older than, ack, 30. Your teeth aren’t white enough, or big enough, or straight enough, and your lips aren’t pink enough or glossy enough or even remotely kissable. Better get to work, there’s a lot to do. And lots (and I mean LOTS) of your money to be spent doing it.

The fact is that if we’re not aware of it, or critical about it, we are exposed to a daily barrage of reminders of the thin and young ideal; an elusive standard of beauty that is simply unattainable – and when we blindly accept these messages, it can poison the way we see ourselves, and how we treat ourselves.

Women are waging war on their bodies, and it just. has. to. stop. The starving, purging, rationing, and the profit-driven excessive and unnecessary dieting has to stop. This isn’t about healthy bodies – because believe me, I think that’s hugely important (and hugely personal to each woman) – it’s about internalizing an impossible ideal and driving ourselves crazy trying to achieve it which is far from healthy. Women are encouraged to spend so much time primping, curling, straightening, plucking, squeezing, tanning, waxing, bleaching, shaving, brushing, smoothing, filing, polishing and masking ourselves into oblivion, sinking our hard-earned cash into the multi-billion dollar beauty industry, that we’re slowly blurring the lines between what's fake and what's real, what's healthy and what's not, and what's important and what, let's be honest, doesn't matter at all.

So let’s get real. Let’s stop believing the messages that we’re not good enough – you are. More than enough in fact. Encourage the women around you to challenge the messages – be kinder to themselves and know they deserve more. It costs nothing to believe it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List!

Inspired by what else but Pinterest, I have made a list of all the awesome things I want to do with the family this's our Summer 2012 Bucket List. I've found some wonderful ideas on blogs all over the place, and I'm super excited to get started - in fact, this past weekend, we kicked off the list by making a Diet Coke and Mentos explosion (which if you've never done, you have to try!) Most of the activities are cheap and cheerful, the vast majority get us outside and moving, and of course, we'll be getting some learning in there too. What's on your list for this summer? Did I miss a must-try?

Our Summer 2012 Bucket List

Find a smooth rock to paint
Bake solar oven cookies
Catch fireflies in a jar
Have a Nature scavenger hunt
Go to an Air Show
Go to the Zoo
Have Banana split night
Go to a baseball game
Go berry picking
Explore a cave
Send Postcards
Go fishing or bandy-netting
Use a compass
Set up a snail race
Ride a gondola
Go for a hike and look for animal tracks
Make homemade ice-cream
Have a water balloon fight
Go camping
Have a Teddy Bear Picnic
Movie night with popcorn

Make a fruit pizza
Make/Set up a Rain gauge
Play mini-golf
Go to a waterpark
Watch the Olympics
Go on a bike ride in a new place
Explode Diet Coke and Mentos
Go canoeing
Go behind a waterfall
Go to a driving range
Ride a rollercoaster
Make lemonade from lemons
Roast marshmallows
Write our name with sparklers

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Congratulations, It's A Girl

I came across this little gem when I was out shopping for a Father's Day card with the kid. Inside this card, it reads "Congratulations, it's a GIRL!" Ugh. It just makes me so sad. Let's all have a good chuckle at the inevitable body image issues your girl is surely going to develop, because of society's ridiculous and impossible standards of beauty and size, shall we? Oh, it's so hilariously funny, and a completely appropriate way to welcome a baby girl into the world, I'd say. Just lovely.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not a Stitch of Pink

My friend Sandy is awesome. And this week is her birthday week, so I thought I'd post this fabulous picture of her and her sister, circa 1979, playing in the dirt with trucks and tools, with not a stitch of pink in sight : )
So here's to you Sandy; you're great friend, a great parent and one of the smartest, straight-up people I know.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

May 13th is Mother's Day in Canada this year. The husband is out of town, so it's just me and the kid. He's already given me a wonderful hand-made card, decorated with hand-drawn Star Wars characters! I also got a handmade flower bookmark courtesy of his wonderfully creative nursery school teachers, and this morning I got a 'Greatest Mom Award' that he decorated at cooking class. The cooking class theme today was of course 'Mother's Day Tea' and we had a lovely time mixing up fruit salad, and baking orange coffee-cake.

So, this is all lovely. The 'Star Wars' card and the Mom award are pinned on the fridge of course. I'll get plenty of hugs and kisses tomorrow, and we're meeting my sister and mom for a Mother's Day picnic. But the annual showering of thanks on Mother's Day, while massively appreciated, always seems a bit funny to me. Funny, I think, because, frankly, it's me that's the thankful one. Why is he thanking me? It's nice for sure, ...I'll bet Hallmark thinks it's really nice...but honestly, I don't think he needs to thank me. I need to thank him.

I really should thank my boy for being the freaking awesome kid that he is. Like, every day.

I really am so thankful for being his mom, and here's why. Firstly, it's pretty crazy wonderful to be his mom when we're hanging out. Reading, cooking, eating, playing, cycling, tickling. When we're learning...which is pretty much always. When we're laughing and talking and giggling, or when we're sitting in silence, busy in thoughts. Either or. He makes everything so wonderful and young and fresh and curious. Thanks to him I see life through his inquisitive, open eyes, absorbing the simple beauty and amazing adventure in everyday things. We plant sunflowers, have worms as pets, collect rocks and leaves, chase butterflies, make mud pies, accumulate 'treasure'. We colour and paint and craft. Cotton balls are clouds. Q-tips are fairy wands. Pretty much everything can be a Light Saber. Words are wonderful. Songs are funny. Music is awesome and loud and a marching band. Books are magical.

Thanks to him, I am never bored. We have thumb wars and arm wrestles and play Rock, Paper Scissors. My imagination is challenged always. We cloud watch, and people watch and wonder where people in airplanes are travelling to; making up crazy stories about their families and lives. When we're driving we play eye-spy and he wins a lot. We play silly games where we pretend to be cops and 'run licence plates' on pretend computers that sound like space-ships. It's awesome.

And even when it's hard....really hard....which it can be, it's still wonderful to be his mom, because I know that whatever happens, whatever his mood, whatever the obstacle, whatever the outburst, or sulk or stubbornness is about, it will pass, and we'll get through it, out on the other side with a hug, and a kiss. I'll smooth his thick mop of hair, or stroke his back gently, or just lie next to him, side by side on his pillow, making sure he's cool - knowing that, is his safe place to be. His safe place to test out the waters, to push buttons, to face and show emotion, to challenge, to feel, To Be.

My biggest, greatest most important job in this lifetime is being his mom. His home, his ally, his champion.
It is a massive responsibility. Being in charge of the start of his life. His start. That's a huge, important deal and I'm kinda serious about it. And he doesn't need to thank me for it.

Every night before he goes to sleep, I check that he feels safe, happy, cozy and warm. That's my job. For as long as he feels safe at home, for as long as he can tell me if something is bothering him, and for as long as he  lets me hug him, he doesn't need to thank me. If he's doing okay, then I'm doing my job properly and that, all by itself, is thanks enough for me.

Happy Mother's Day x Thumbs up to moms everywhere - from this kid. Who I love an actual insane amount. : )

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Chain of Girl Goodness

Hello my lovelies, I have a small request of you today!
If you haven't already, I would love for you to head over to A Chain of Girl Goodness, and have a look at what Inês is working on.  Inês has been crazy busy, creating and managing the start-up of a coalition of pro-girl, anti-stereotype, values driven 'chain' of businesses, experts and not-for-profit organizations that aims to promote all the wonderful products and services that truly have our children's best interests at heart. 

I would love to hear what you think of the project. And I know Inês is thankful for all the feedback and support you have to offer. So, please head over there. Have a look around and see what you think. I think it's super exciting and has great potential as a resource for parents to find products that acknowledge and encourage girl's potential, rather than limiting and defining it. If you like the idea, spread the word! : )

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beach Bodies

I'm getting a bit sick already of the Springtime push on weight-loss and fitness regimes to achieve the 'perfect beach-body'. Here's the my opinion all you need for a beach body is
a) a beach and
b) a body.

Health comes in many shapes and sizes, and while we can all afford to make our health and physical fitness a priority, fad diets and panic-driven exercise plans to slim down for bathing suit season are not the best ideas for your physical or mental well-being. There is no such thing as the perfect body. The companies who want you to buy their product will try and make you think there is, but it doesn't exist. Your body is perfect for you. Be nice to it, be kind to it, LOVE it for all that it can do, and the health and wellness will come. This picture is full of lovely, perfect 'beach bodies'. Happy Spring everyone.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

International Women's Day 2012

It's International Women's Day 2012. I know I need to blog about this.
It's kind of a must do. A good must, but a must.

Here goes. I'll blog about what International Women's Day is all about for me. For me it's about raising awareness. Reflecting. An opportunity to tell women's stories, draw attention to troubling trends and statistics, remember achievements, celebrate advances, rally for support for the challenges that still face women in our communities and around the world. To talk. To think. To take action.

Maybe for some, it's a good chance to say 'feministy' things to people who might not otherwise listen or care, or put up IWD posters in an office where the boy's club still exists. Maybe you'll read or see something that shocks you. Like, the fact that gender-based violence causes more deaths and disabilities among women of child-bearing age worldwide than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war combined (Source: The Great Debate UK) or that women do two-thirds of the world’s work for just 10 percent of the world’s income (Source: The Great Debate UK).

Maybe you'll watch something or hear something that wakes you up to the violent and gut-wrenching truth about sex-trafficking. (Warning: The link will take you to a brutal, graphic film depicting the reality of sex-trafficking.) Or you'll see something that makes you think twice about how girls and women are being sexualized, and objectified everyday, in Western mainstream media. Maybe you'll be the one waking those around you up.

If you do nothing else on International Women's Day, watch Miss. Representation. Watch it with your teen sons and daughters. If you're a teacher, show it to your class. If you're a decent human with a functioning cerebral cortex, then watch it, and consider it's message. Consider the media you buy into. The products you buy. The companies and outlets that you keep allowing to devalue and objectify our kids, and jeopardize their futures. Then sign up to get involved with a Chain of Girl Goodness, a platform that has the interests of our kids, and especially our girls at the forefront. If you're a parent of a girl, connect with Pigtail Pals, who want to 'Redefine Girly', and consider checking out the wonderful work of Beauty Redefined, who are inspirational in 'taking back beauty' for women.

Perhaps International Women's Day 2012 will make you talk. Make you think. Perhaps it will make you thankful for the choices you have. For too many women, there are no choices. Education, marriage, work, childbearing. All their decisions are made for them.

International Women's Day makes me thankful for all the choices I have, for the wonderful women I know and have in my life, and it reminds me to keep raising awareness about the injustice, violence, sexualization and objectification that women around the world face every day, because of their gender.

Hopefully International Women's Day will inspire you. Will you spread the message?

Peace and love to all x

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A High-Flying Birthday Party!

So this is a little off topic for the Mauve Dino - but I'm so excited, I have to share! This year, we decided to throw our little aviator an airplane themed party for his 5th birthday. It was a fabulous day - and perfect fun for a 5 year old pilot-in-training. Here are some pictures and links, if you're looking for ideas on how to throw a high-flying airplane party that kids will love.

First, we ordered these awesome invites from La Petite Party Shoppe on Etsy. Aren't they adorable? They were a hit!

During my Etsy adventures in aviation, I found these cool airplane confetti decorations from Missy Made It - made by Missy's 6-year old son, Griffin for extra pocket money - so clearly I had to order these too! They were awesome!

We were able to book a large classroom at the local flying school, which luckily wasn't being used on the party day - so we could have the airplane party at the airport! With the venue booked, the invites sent, it was time to start planning some fun games and activities, and finding goodies for the loot bags. I filled the loot bags with gliders, foam planes, parachute jumpers, Whirl-A-Copters, and a craft instruction sheet on how to make a craft airplane. I picked everything up at the local party store and popped them in sky-blue bags. On the day of the party, I pinned up a 'Baggage Claim' sign next to the loot bags!

I also made these little bags of 'Cumulus Clouds' for the loot bags - which was just white (cherry flavour) cotton candy! I love how these turned out!

On the day of the party, I was super excited to set the room up. I love it when a plan comes together! I love how it all looked. I picked this green plastic-backed paper tablecloth and green napkins up after Christmas at a party store for 90% off. I love a deal!

The cloud 'tablecloth' was just a roll of printed paper from a local craft store, which doubled as the backdrop for the Pin the Propeller game. It worked out really well for both purposes!

My fabulous and talented friend Paula, created this wonderful cake and these awesome 'propeller pops' - an idea I got from the Not Just a Mommy blog. The detail on the cake was incredible - and it was soooo delicious!

The beautiful airplane cupcakes were made by Renee's Fine Cakes - as usual the attention to detail and the cupcakes themselves were divine!

We had some great activities planned for the kids. We played Helicopter Landings - which was basically a take on Musical Chairs, but with big Heli-Pads instead of chairs. The kids loved landing on the Heli-Pads when the music stopped! We cut big black circles from black paper and made an H with white tape on the front. I didn't get any pictures of these, or the game, because everyone was having too much fun!

We also played Pin the Propeller on the plane, which was hilarious fun.

The kids did a great job, with one of them getting the propeller right on the bulls-eye, blindfolded no-less! Of course there were airplane-related prizes for all the winners!

We made paper airplanes and raced them down a runway. A big thumbs up to my fabulous husband for his handiwork in creating the runway and the Pin the Propeller game.

We had a trophy for the winner of the paper airplane race, and handed out pilot's wings to all the other pilots in training. I found these printable ones online at a kid's games site. I printed them in colour on card stock and attached pins to the back. The kids loved having this pinned on!

After the games, the kids all went outside for a look inside a real airplane, and had their pictures taken in the Captain's seat - complete with a headset.

We made the food easy - and ordered pizza, and served 'Jet Fuel' juice and some chips and veggies. While the kids ate, we played a cute video called The A-Z of Flying!

It was a great day. The kids had an absolute blast and you never know, maybe they even learned something too! I had such fun planning this one. I almost can't wait for next year!