Sunday, January 15, 2012

A High-Flying Birthday Party!

So this is a little off topic for the Mauve Dino - but I'm so excited, I have to share! This year, we decided to throw our little aviator an airplane themed party for his 5th birthday. It was a fabulous day - and perfect fun for a 5 year old pilot-in-training. Here are some pictures and links, if you're looking for ideas on how to throw a high-flying airplane party that kids will love.

First, we ordered these awesome invites from La Petite Party Shoppe on Etsy. Aren't they adorable? They were a hit!

During my Etsy adventures in aviation, I found these cool airplane confetti decorations from Missy Made It - made by Missy's 6-year old son, Griffin for extra pocket money - so clearly I had to order these too! They were awesome!

We were able to book a large classroom at the local flying school, which luckily wasn't being used on the party day - so we could have the airplane party at the airport! With the venue booked, the invites sent, it was time to start planning some fun games and activities, and finding goodies for the loot bags. I filled the loot bags with gliders, foam planes, parachute jumpers, Whirl-A-Copters, and a craft instruction sheet on how to make a craft airplane. I picked everything up at the local party store and popped them in sky-blue bags. On the day of the party, I pinned up a 'Baggage Claim' sign next to the loot bags!

I also made these little bags of 'Cumulus Clouds' for the loot bags - which was just white (cherry flavour) cotton candy! I love how these turned out!

On the day of the party, I was super excited to set the room up. I love it when a plan comes together! I love how it all looked. I picked this green plastic-backed paper tablecloth and green napkins up after Christmas at a party store for 90% off. I love a deal!

The cloud 'tablecloth' was just a roll of printed paper from a local craft store, which doubled as the backdrop for the Pin the Propeller game. It worked out really well for both purposes!

My fabulous and talented friend Paula, created this wonderful cake and these awesome 'propeller pops' - an idea I got from the Not Just a Mommy blog. The detail on the cake was incredible - and it was soooo delicious!

The beautiful airplane cupcakes were made by Renee's Fine Cakes - as usual the attention to detail and the cupcakes themselves were divine!

We had some great activities planned for the kids. We played Helicopter Landings - which was basically a take on Musical Chairs, but with big Heli-Pads instead of chairs. The kids loved landing on the Heli-Pads when the music stopped! We cut big black circles from black paper and made an H with white tape on the front. I didn't get any pictures of these, or the game, because everyone was having too much fun!

We also played Pin the Propeller on the plane, which was hilarious fun.

The kids did a great job, with one of them getting the propeller right on the bulls-eye, blindfolded no-less! Of course there were airplane-related prizes for all the winners!

We made paper airplanes and raced them down a runway. A big thumbs up to my fabulous husband for his handiwork in creating the runway and the Pin the Propeller game.

We had a trophy for the winner of the paper airplane race, and handed out pilot's wings to all the other pilots in training. I found these printable ones online at a kid's games site. I printed them in colour on card stock and attached pins to the back. The kids loved having this pinned on!

After the games, the kids all went outside for a look inside a real airplane, and had their pictures taken in the Captain's seat - complete with a headset.

We made the food easy - and ordered pizza, and served 'Jet Fuel' juice and some chips and veggies. While the kids ate, we played a cute video called The A-Z of Flying!

It was a great day. The kids had an absolute blast and you never know, maybe they even learned something too! I had such fun planning this one. I almost can't wait for next year!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Here's the obligatory New Year post for you.

I have been a terrible blogger recently...I just cannot find the time to sit and write a post. I don't feel bad about this really, because I've been having an awesome time hanging with the kid. He's nearly 5 - which is a totally fun age - so hanging out with him is awesome fun. He's doing a great job reading, he's figured out how to tie his shoelaces (in triple knots) and he can skate circles around me. He's also big into knights and dragons. How fun is that?

Anyway, I'm not going to make a resolution to blog more, because I'm not sure I want to give up anything to make that happen (which, let's face it, is exactly why I didn't go to law school), but I will continue to blog when I can, and I'm not otherwise completely without resolution.

My main goal for 2012 is to get busy in the kitchen. Wait...not that kind of busy! I mean, actually

I'm going to really try to be more mindful in the kitchen. I'm going to plan better, use a wider variety of ingredients, be more adventurous and creative. I mean I LOVE food, so I think it's about time that I start nurturing that relationship. I can't wait.

I hope 2012 is a wonderful, peaceful, inspiring, joyful year for you all. I hope you continue to do whatever makes you happy, surrounded by people who make your heart burst with love, or that you find the courage to change whatever gets you down.

That's all for now folks.
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